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After 40 years in the Wilderness, we enter the Promised Land.

Not via the Philistines, the shorter route, so that we will not be frightened by war. But there was still a war, but much later, when we already knew how to trust in G-d. The spies entered via Kadesh and saw how fruitful the Land was, yet the slandered it, and the entire nation was punished.

The way to enter the Land is totally different - via Jericho. They preceded it by far reaching victories on the other side of the Jordan River. The Children of Israel circumcised themselves, brought the Passover Sacrifice, and then conquered Jericho on Shabbat by Kohanim blowing shofar. Joshua guarded this miraculous victory by a curse - that Jericho will not be settled until the Temple is built. Jericho and the Temple Mount are the peak of Israelís national identity. Both are holy.

Jewish history is repeating itself. 52 years have passed since the State of Israel was reestablished, yet Jericho has not yet been rebuilt. Now that the time has come to rebuild the Temple, we will succeed, with G-dís help, to settle Jericho.

Jericho reflects the Israeli reality. There is a grave injustice. The heart of the Land, Jericho and the Temple Mount, have been handed over to the enemy. The People fight for the gates of the body - the border - yet they disregard the heart.

Just as in the time of Joshua, Jericho is the peak of defilement. This defilement guards the holiness that must soon be revealed in Jericho. "Remove your shoes from your fee," the angel in Jericho told Joshua, "This place is holy." We must return to the area by Torah-guided activities, effort to bond with the land, and Torah-based creativity.

We must not think that if this strip of land is left in the hands of the enemy that it will be possible to save the rest of the Land. This is a grave error. As long as the enemy holds the foundation of the land, they will try to take it all. If we do not give in on one inch of Our Holy Land, we have a chance to save it all.

The policy of withdrawal may be a pill for frustrated people, but it is no solution.

Jericho is the beginning of our possession of the Land of Israel, and it is the beginning of its redemption.

Faithful settlement around Jericho will help in the struggle for the Holy City of Jericho. Mevoot Yericho in the West and Ein Hogla in the East set an example.

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