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The great tragedy of the Jewish People, which we suffer for til this day, is that they did not expel the gentiles from the Land of Israel. The suffering started in the period of the Judges, in a place called "Bochim". It is called this because the Children of Israel cried ("bachu") that they did not expel the gentiles. There certainly was reason to cry, and their crying is part of the crying for the destruction of the First and Second Temples and that of all generations to this day that have suffered from pogroms, war, and terrorism.

This place is located in the canyon between the mountain with the "Deya" army base and the mountain that the "Dukim" fortress stood on in the time of the Second Temple. This fortress, near the Duyuk Wellspring, is also called "Karantal". The reason they cried there is that this place, like the valley between Mount Grizim and Mount Eval, amplifies one’s voice so that one can be heard from afar.

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