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Meeting the Land of Israel at its starting point

Touching, feeling, experiencing the holy land our of faith – in the Bible
“And the captain of the Lord's host said unto Joshua: ‘Remove your shoe from your foot, for the place upon which you are standing is holy.'” (Joshua 5:13)

Where are we?
At the foot of Mount Nebo, at the place where the sun rises;
At the place where the Children of Israel first crossed the Jordan;
At the edge of the city of Jericho in a land that has never stopped telling the story, from time immemorial up to the present day.

What do we do?
Beit Hogla, an authentic, natural desert site, has opened its gates to groups looking for a spiritual experience with the Bible in mind, for guided tours, retreats and workshops given by specially trained professionals, to create a unique encounter with Jericho – the key to Eretz Israel and the place the Children of Israel first set foot in its new land.

Who are we?
The Beit Hogla farm, a Jewish agricultural farm, located in the Jordan Valley, at the southern edge of Highway 90 .
The farm raises mainly fruit tees of Eretz Israel as well as animals suitable to the climate and history of the region.

What is our goal?
The members of the Beit Hogla farm fervently believe in the sanctity of the Land of Israel, the people of Israel and the Torah of Israel.
Our goal is to share our knowledge and love of homeland with visitors to Israel.
Jericho is the place where the Children of Israel first set foot in the Land of Israel –
We want to show and share with the world that fact that the Bible and our tradition have never stopped living and breathing, and that their heart never stopped beating here – in Eretz Israel – the holy Land of Israel.

What does Israel not lack?
Israel has plenty of commercial, tourist sites.
We, however, are not businesspeople and have no interest in the glitzy bells and whistles that commercial tourism has to offer.
We want to give visitors what they really seek – to experience the Land of Israel without pretences or marketing gimmicks.

Please make reservations for your tour in advance. We wish to prevent the unique, tranquil atmosphere from being spoiled by having too many visitors.

Tour options:
Package name How long? Who is it for? Subject Tour details
“From the depths have I called out to you” 1-1.5 hours All ages – easy walk with a long break for prayers and reflective meditation Prayer from the lowest place on earth – “From the depths have I called out to you”

Elijah the Prophet –Taking on the Mission

Jericho – The key to the Land of Israel
We will hike to a Bedouin oasis, rest under a date palm and then hike to the solitude niches, carved into the stone, used by the ancient monks
The desert speaks 3-4 hours Those capable of walking in an open area Destruction as divine construction

Abstinence and moderation in the desert

Elijah hides in the desert
We will visit three wadis created by floods, observe the palms houses in the desert and we will bathe in the Hogla spring; * We will bake pita bread and dip it in olive oil, with dates and herbal tea for desert.
Looking for ourselves in the desert 3-5 hours Anyone willing to hike in the middle of the night… and listen Inner identity – listening to nature,
To God,
Giving thanks,
Experiencing a night hike by the desert moon – searching for our inner self – based on the play by playwright and actor Yisrael Hevroni
Jordan – the gate 40 minutes – 1 hour General public The Jordan – Jericho connection

The place where the Children of Israel entered the Land of Israel
A visit to the banks of the Jordan at the foot of Mt. Nebo

•   Erna Kobus will guide the tours; the heritage of Jericho has been her life’s work for the past 15 years.
•    Specific features can be added or subtracted as desired, and arranged in advance.
•    All tours are carried out in full coordination with the security forces and the Ministry of Education.

The Organization for the Heritage and Culture of Jericho

Jewish life in Jericho
Telephone 052-8699300, 02-9409038
email: ernajericho@bezeqint.net
Mailing Address: Erna Kobos, Bet Hogla /Bet Haarava 90687
Donations: Bank Discount, Romema Branch (#67), Account #212504
Registered Society 58-030-183-6

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