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Tel Jericho

The Walls which were swallowed into the ground in the time of Joshua

The most prominent place in Jericho is definitely the "Tel" - the place of the Ancient Jericho.

Located there are the walls which our Rabbis taught regarding them, "One who sees the Walls of Jericho that fell must recite the blessing ‘who has made miracles for our fathers in this place.’" The walls are from the Bronze Age, which according to archeology, where remade when they faced Joshua conquering the Land. These walls have been excavated, and it is possible to see them. What a miracle - the entire eastern section of the wall simply disappeared, as our Rabbis taught that the wall was swallowed up in its place. That portion, from the eastern side, is in the direction of where the Children of Israel came after crossing the Jordan River.

The watch tower adjacent to the Well, on eastern side of the city is apparently the city gate. It is conceivable that this was the house of Rahav the harlot, who resided next to the city gate.

Some of the supporting walls are from the time of the Judges, when the Moabites, headed by King Eglon, conquered the City of Palms

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