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Hasmonian and Herodian Palaces

Hasmonian Palaces

Here is the only relic of the Hasmonian culture. The buildings that were built over that period reveal the lifestyle of that time of the leaders and the way society was structured. Near that site three families from Vered Yericho have been given the care taking role of the area, and they have been doing an excellent job. Since the riots, the road leading from Wadi Kelt and Mitzpe Yericho has been closed off, despite it being under full Israeli control. We are losing it because it is being de facto absorbed into the enemy’s jurisdiction.

We demand the site and its fields be saved.

Two archeological sites within the enemy’s jurisdiction belong to Herod and should be included in the site. We therefore demand:

  1. To build a road connecting the two banks of the river.
  2. To connect the Abu Indi Road to the Alon Road and connect it to the Hasmonian Palaces - altogether 12 km
  3. To connect the road from Wadi Kelt to the "Na’aran" Synagogue and Yitav. This will produce a road bypassing Jericho from the West, allowing free traffic around Jericho and access to all historic sites. Jews could continue working the land, and tourists could freely visit.

Mivah from the Hasmonian Period

Herod's Pool

Artifacts from the Hasmonian Period

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