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Na'aran Synagogue

Mosaic Floor of Ancient "Na'aran" Synagogue

The mosaic floor from the 3rd century was miraculously revealed and then damaged over time. We are concerned that it continue to exist, given the rapid pace of damage there. The mosaic is over one hundred square meters. It is quite a site on the hill overlooking the fertile ground near the "Ein Duk" wellspring.

View from "Na'aran" Synagogue

The synagogue is right on the border. We demand it be annexed to the "Noam" army base. This way, we can save it from negligent maintenance.

The area is an oasis in paradise. We must return there and fill it with holiness, joy, and blessing.

Visiting the "Na'aran" Synagogue

Recent damage to the mosaic floor of the "Na'aran" Synagogue

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