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Nahal Elisha started as a Nahal settlement area, but because the military situation and the government stopped putting up new settlements, it turned to military base. After Rosh Hashanah 5741 and after the destruction of the Shalom Al Yisrael Synagogue, the military command of the Jordan Valley allowed me to enter Nahal Elisha, so that the Jewish presance around Jericho will not stop. In fact we were at Elisha, in a special building for us, 7 months. There have been there studies, every day, from different groups. We`ve done there special studying days, important rabbis and other personalities came, special events brought different and many people. For example, on Pessach- we were with a special play on Jericho and Efi Eitan, 120 people.

Megilla reading on Purim in Camp Elisha

Unfortunately the military command had to be changed, and in the meanwhile we didn't received any O.k of higher orders to continue stay there. So on Shavuot we were out.

Purim meal in Camp Elisha

Nevertheless, I stayed there, outside the base for two months, sometimes alone, sometimes with my children, sometimes with other people, sometimes at night sometimes other hours, till finely the new mahat, decided to give me put up our studying center near the base "Mul Navo" at Ein Hogla.

Music in Camp Elisha

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