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Ein Hogla

Ein Hogla

Hogla is a biblical city mentioned in the Book of Joshua by the dividing of the land. It marks the border between Judah and Benjamin. It is cited again as a city of Benjamin, together with Beth El.

We are located near the Biblical Hogla, and there are ancient artifacts there and some interesting excavations. The reservoir is well guarded. Located there is a giant palm garden. Parallel to Ein Hogla is Nahal Nohil. There is also an oasis with a monastery cave engraved on stone. There is what to see, and it is a pleasure to stand and view the Jericho valley, the cradle of Jewish History.

Here, the Children of Israel entered the Land by Divine Command in the Jericho Valley. The Jordan River connects Lake Tiberias (living water that we drink) with the Dead Sea. There is no other river in the world that connects life and death. This is the lowest point on Earth. Jewish Law dictates that one should pray from the lowest point in order to pray "from the depths". As one goes lower, one separates from his desires and clings to the Divine Service.

All beginnings and ends in Jewish History occur here. At the conclusion of the First Temple Period, King Zedekeyahu flees his palaces in Jerusalem towards Jericho via a secret canal. The Chaldeans catch him, gorge out his eyes, and send him to exile.

At the conclusion of the Second Temple Period, Herod would bathe next to Wadi Kelt.

The beginning of the coming Third Temple Period started when Rabbi Solomon and his followers, knowing that retaking the Land must begin with Jericho, attempt to purchase territory in Jericho from the Turkish regime. The deal is canceled due to opposition from other Jewish groups, and Rabbi Solomon instead founds Petach Tikvah in its present location.

"And the Valley of Achor shall be a Gate of Hope (Petach Tikvah)." (Hoshea 2:17) Since the Valley of Achor refers to Wadi Kelt, Petach Tikvah should have been south of Jericho.

Hogla is located on the path the Children of Israel took to Gilgal to reaffirm the Covenant. The pile of foreskins from the circumcision performed upon entering the Land should be in close proximity.

Army camp next to Ein Hogla

The time has arrived to reaffirm the Covenant of the heart and the mouth, starting from Hogla. Hogla is "Hag LeHashem" - a Holiday for G-d.

Beit Hogla - events are held here

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