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Dvir in the Achor Valley

One exciting thing from Joshua's conquest was the stoning of Achan, who partook in the consecrated booty of Jericho, in the Achor Valley. Here, with all of Israel present, lots were drawn to determine who partook in the consecrated items.

The Achor Valley is mentioned as the border between Juda and Benjamin after the Stone of Abu Ben Reuven and Dvir, which is identified in Beit Jabar A-Tachtani. It is a site bordering the Autonomy. On the south side, there is a giant amphitheater, and in the center there is a hill that enters it from the East to Beit Jabar A-Tachtani. This is the most fitting place, where such a multitude of people can hear from afar. It may be presumed that this is the place of Achan.

Likewise, the Achor valley is mentioned in the prophets - "And I will make the Valley of Achor a Door of Hope (Petach Tikvah)." This desolate land became fruitful under Herodís rule.

It should be noted that "Dvir" means "back", and this description fits.

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