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Friday Prayer & Tour of Jericho

The entrance to the Shalom al Israel Synagogue in Jericho
The entrance to the Shalom al Israel Synagogue
  • Approx. once every 3 weeks, usually on a Friday, we pray Shaharith in Jericho, and then tour some of Jericho's important sites.
  • , we will pray Shaharith at the ancient Shalom al Israel Synagogue, with its unique mosaic full of Jewish symbolism.
  • We will then tour Tel Jericho (where the walls were brought down by the trumpets and the shofars of the Children of Israel), the Elisha Spring (where the Prophet Elisha sweetened the waters of Jericho), and the ancient Naaran Synagogue on the north tip of Jericho (with its Hellenistic classic mosaic, which stands in in contrast to that of Shalom al Israel).
  • A bus leaves Jerusalem at the Chords Bridge (bus stop 4216) at 05:45, picks-up at Hativat Harel/Shmuel HaNavi (bus stop 1625) at 05:50, and at the main entrance of Moshav Naama, on Highway 90 at 06:45.
  • Info & Registration:
    • Send a text message / WhatsApp to Yoni at 052-3527313, stating your name, the number of participants and where you want to board the bus.
    • Or, register on-line (in Hebrew).
    • Cost: 60 NIS per person.
    • Advance payment required: By BIT to telephone 052-8699300, by PayBox, or by bank transfer: Bank Discount, Branch 159 (Jerusalem Center), account No 3212507, in the name of "Jewish Life in Jericho".
  • Back in Jerusalem at approx. 11:30.
  • Security in Jericho is assured by the Israel Defence Forces.

Help us re-establish the presence of the Jewish People in the holy city of Jericho!

The key to the Land of Israel!

Tourguides' Course - Part 2 (in Hebrew)

Field-lecture by Rav Dr Hagi Ben-Artzi about the Biblical Gilgal east of Jericho
Field-lecture about the Biblical Gilgal in last winter's course

As a sequel to last winter's very successful Tourguides' Course, we are starting a new course for tourguides about Jericho . The exact timetable is still to be determined.

The course is spread over four weekly sessions, and includes some field trips in the area.

Meeting Point

  • For all sessions of the course, meet at the Jericho Visitor Centre in Beit Hogla.
  • All field-trips start and end at the Visitor Centre.


The exact structure of the course and its timetable are yet to be determined.

Session 1

  • 09:00-12:00 Rav Dr. Hagi Ben Artzi. Subject: The Plains of Moab and the Plains of Jericho, the cradle of the history of Israel. Includes a visual survey of the area from the Gilgal Observation Platform.
  • 12:00-13:00 Lunch.
  • 13:00-14:30 Erna Covos. Subject: The Hasmonean Palaces in Jericho.
  • 15:00-16:30 Rav Elhanan Bin Nun. Subject: Jericho according to our Sages.

Session 2

  • 09:00 Professor Amos Frumkin. Subject: Grottos in Jericho. Lecture and audiovisual presentation.

Session 3

  • 09:00 Rav Yossi Peli. Subject: The secrets of Jericho in Hassidut.

Session 4

  • 08:00 Nissim Argaman. Subject: The Dok Fortress and the Karantal. Meet at the Visitor Centre. Includes a challenging trek.

Info & Registration

  • Send a text message / WhatsApp to Yoni at 052-3527313, Sigalit at 050-6470015 (Hebrew only) or Erna at 052-8699300.
  • Cost: 100 NIS per lesson; 400 NIS for the whole course.