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Beit Hogla

Bet Hogla is named on the name of one of Zlofhad daughters who struggled about receiving the family land.

Bet Hogla is on the spring's name which is flowing without boundaries all the year. The spring is kilometer from us.

Bet Hogla is on the name of the ancient city, which is mentioned on Yehoshua as one of the boundaries city between Yehuda and Benjamin. Bet Hogla takes part at the Benjamin region.

Bet Hogla is on the first steps the people of Israel made on Eretz Israel.

Bet Hogla is where the first popular circumcision took place at Eretz Israel. Here is the place where the first Pessah sacrifice took place. Here is the end point of the Exodus from Egypt.

Bet Hogla is a light projector in a secular area where people look for G-d's word, so Torah lessons are held here.

Bet Hogla is near the vadi Nohil which brings us to the meditation caves.

The place is surrounded of wonderful ups and downs, high hills, "from very low I called you my G-d.

We came up at this place after the Arabs burned the Jericho synagogue

'Peace upon Israel'. Till we turn back to Jericho we put up a farm here with organic agriculture ,chicken and goats.

Thanks G-d today we have running water and electricity.


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